Ordering Information

Welcome, new and returning customers! We strongly suggest reading this page entirely, to learn how to best take advantage of our website and to understand our policies. Our website shows the complete inventory of our store. Although the inventory listing is updated daily, it is possible that a roll has been sold and is no longer available. We download orders from the Internet every morning and fill as first come, first serve. Phone orders are placed at the end of the daily queue. However, if you don't feel comfortable placing orders online, please call or fax to place your order.

Phone: 603-749-ROLL (7655)
Fax: 309-416-9960

  • Series

    This is the Series by which we categorize our fabrics.

    • Polartec® Delta®
    • Polartec® Power Dry®
    • Polartec® Power Grid®
    • Polartec® Power Stretch®
    • Polartec® Power Stretch Pro®
    • Polartec® Power Wool®
    • Polartec® Alpha®
    • Polartec® Classic 100
    • Polartec® Classic 200
    • Polartec® Classic 300
    • Polartec® HardFace®
    • Polartec® High Loft®
    • Polartec® Power Air®
    • Polartec® Thermal Pro®
    • Polartec® Wind Pro®
    Weather Protection
    • Polartec® Neo Shell®
    • Polartec® Power Shield®
    • Polartec® Power Shield Pro®
    • Polartec® Windbloc®
  • Style

    Within a series there are specific styles with unique attributes.

  • Color Family

    Our color numbers are grouped into the following color families:

    • White/Off-Whites: 1000-1999
    • Blues: 2000-2999
    • Greens: 3000-3999
    • Reds: 4000-4999
    • Yellows: 5000-5999
    • Oranges: 6000-6999
    • Brown/Tans: 7000-7999
    • Purples: 8000-8999
    • Black/Greys: 9000-9999
  • Color

    The specific color number assigned to a fabric.

  • Quality

    First quality or second quality. Our second quality fabrics are "Merchantable Seconds" that did not pass Polartec standards for first quality fabric, but are still usable for many products. There are many reasons that a fabric could be coded as second quality. For example; off shade, shearing (loft too high or low), banding (horizontal lines), poor/excessive stretch. We are not told what the issue could be. If you want to ensure no specific flaws, you can email customerservice@milldirecttextiles.com and request an Inspection. The cost of Inspection is $2.00/yard with a 10 yard minimum. We will report back detailing any noticeable flaws including location and images. If you are making large items, such as blankets, use of second quality is not recommended. If you are mentioning the name “Polartec” in the description of your product, you may not use Second Quality for any reason. Please note that splices are a normal occurrence and are not counted as flaws.

    Aged rolls are first quality rolls that have over-stayed their welcome in our warehouse and have been deeply discounted to make space for new inventory.

  • DWR

    A water repellent finish that is added to the fabric for increased resistance to snow and rain.

  • Recycled

    Fabric is created using recycled fibers.

  • Heather

    A slight flecking of color

  • Width

    The width of the fabric in inches, typically up to 68” measured within the selvage as cuttable width.

  • Search

    Once you define your search, the items that meet your criteria will be displayed. Click on "Show Rolls" to see individual pieces available for purchase.

  • Placing an order

    To order a specific roll, simply check the order box beside the roll that you are interested in purchasing. Yardage may be purchased from our sister company, Millyardage.com. If you are unsure of the color, please order a swatch first.

  • Swatches & Sample Yardage

    Swatches are 3" x 3" and are available at a cost of 50 cents each. $5 minimum order required for swatches, including shipping. Swatches can be ordered on our website on each fabric style page. For larger samples, cut yardage is available through our sister company Millyardage.com.

    If your requested style is not in stock at MillYardage.com, we are happy to cut sample yardage from one of our in stock rolls. Sample yardage may be requested by emailing customerservice@milldirecttextiles.com for an additional $5/yard. There is a 2 yard minimum for sample yardage.

  • Security

    Our site is completely secure, but if you don't wish to place your order online, please call or fax to place your order.

    Phone: 603-749-ROLL (7655)
    Fax: 309-416-9960

  • Order Confirmation

    You will either be e-mailed, or called directly with confirmation and total cost on your shipment (including freight).

  • Shipping

    Unless you are contacted to the contrary, all orders will ship within two business days. Most orders will be shipped UPS Ground. If you have other shipping requirements, please contact us directly.

    UPS rates are based on a measured weight formula Length x Height x Width divided by 166. The result is the chargeable weight. For example, a 24 lb roll that measures 68x15x15/166 has a shipping weight of 92 lbs.

    All fabric is shipped on the roll. Orders requesting fabric be taken off roll, folded, and boxed will be subject to a $5/yard packing fee.

  • Shipments outside of the USA

    There is a $1000 minimum order for Full Roll orders shipping outside of the USA. This is to ensure a reasonable freight rate. Shipping terms are XWORKS. Please contact customerservice@milldirecttextiles.com to arrange your order. Allow one week for arranging freight and gathering necessary international freight documents.

  • Form of payment

    We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Bank Wires will incur a $25 bank fee.

  • Polartec Tags and Labels

    We can provide Polartec Tags and Labels to approved customers using first quality Polartec purchased from us to produce commercially sold products. To obtain information about this program or for an application, please contact customerservice@milldirecttextiles.com.

  • Returns

    Customer is responsible for return shipping charges and a $25 re-stock fee for returned rolls. Please note colors on the monitor are representations only and will not be completely accurate. Please order a swatch if color match is important to avoid return fees.

    Second quality and Aged fabrics (Please see Quality definition) are sold “as is,” meaning they are not eligible for return due to defect. Inspection services are available, see Quality definition for more information.

    First quality fabrics are expected to fall within specification, determined by Polartec®. If you are unhappy with the quality, please contact us. We will help facilitate the next steps including filing a claim with Polartec. During the wait for a claim determination, we will offer replacement fabric if available. The cost of the replacement will be based on the determination of the Polartec Claim. In the event the Claim was found in defect, the customer will not be responsible for the replacement fabric or freight. If no replacement fabric was sent, a credit will be issued including freight from the original order. If the Claim was found within Polartec Specs, the customer will be responsible for payment of the replacement fabric order, including freight. The customer may request a Spec sheet for the style in question to help decide whether to officially file a Claim. All determinations made by Polartec are final.