Return Policy

Customer is responsible for return shipping charges and a $25/roll re-stock fee for returned rolls. Please note colors on the monitor are representations only and will not be completely accurate. Please order a swatch if color match is important to avoid return fees.

Second quality and Aged fabrics (Please see our Quality definition) are sold “as is,” meaning they are not eligible for return. Inspection services are available, see our Quality definition for more information.

First quality fabrics are expected to fall within specification, determined by Polartec®. If you are unhappy with the quality, please contact us. We will help facilitate the next steps, including filing a claim with Polartec. During the wait for a claim determination we will offer replacement fabric, if available. The cost of the replacement will be based on the determination of the Polartec Claim. In the event the Claim was found in defect, the customer will not be responsible for the replacement fabric or freight. If no replacement fabric was sent, a credit will be issued including freight from the original order. If the Claim was found within Polartec Specs, the customer will be responsible for payment for the replacement fabric order, including freight. MDT will not be responsible for shipping overages due to returned roll dimensions exceeding estimates provided by MDT based on original shipping dimensions and stated on the UPS label. If the customer requires a new bag, one will be provided at the expense of MDT. The customer may request a Spec sheet for the style in question to help decide whether to officially file a Claim. All determinations made by Polartec are final. Please be aware that Polartec often determines Claims based on percentage out of Spec. In order words, the reimbursement is often a percentage of the original price and not always an all or nothing determination. Claims will be made and any credits issued in US Dollars. All Claim materials and freight will be at the customer's expense.

In order to file a Claim, the customer is required to ship 1/4 yard selvage to selvage to Mill Direct Textiles, 22 Canal Street #125 Somersworth, NH 03878. The shipment must include the following information: Roll Number, Batch Number, Roll Length, MDT Order ID, contact information. A 1/4 yard cut and information report must be made for each roll in the Claim. Claims must be submitted within 90 days of purchase. We highly recommend inspecting rolls upon delivery.