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Welcome to Mill Direct Textiles.

We sell only authentic Polartec®. It is the highest quality product of its kind available anywhere in the world, and it is made in the U.S.A.

We work directly with Polartec® LLC in Lawrence, Massachusetts and can, therefore, offer you a wide variety of Polartec® fabrics-known for their excellence and as the most technically advanced outerwear fabrics in the marketplace. Polartec

If you are new to our site, please refer to the ordering information tab. If you are unsure of a fabric, please order a swatch 1st to avoid an expensive return shipping charge. If you are looking for smaller orders, please visit the New Cut Yardage web site

What's New:
Production goods are starting to arrive!

Trucks are arriving from Tennesee and from Guatemala too! While we do our very best to source only USA made Polartec, we have had to place a fill-in order from their Guatemala plant to supplement our inventory. The color and style numbers are all the same, but we have added a "G" to the end of the ones coming from Guatemala. This way you know exactly which plant your order is coming from. Pretty cool! We are still receiving orders from TN and will continue to do so. If your order has to be sourced in the USA for any reason, please avoid colors ending in "G" or contact KK directly to make long term arrangements. or 603-742-9273

Trickling in right now!
7614-3785 Darkest Green,
7614-43F1 Corsage,
7614-8901 Bordeaux,
7330-2890 French Navy
7330-75007 All Spice

Then we will see the following:
7614-2110 French Blue,
7614-2796 Frost Blue
7614-31471 Bamboo,
7614-3785 Darkest Green,
7614-4626 Cherry,
7614-93258 Steam,
In 300
7330-2438 Navy,
7330-8901 Bordeaux,
7330-9017 Black,
7330-95450 NightFall,
As well as 9180-9017 Black (100)
7366-9016 Black (100 Micro)
9501-9016 Black (WindPro)

Later, you can expect more:
7614-1008 White,
7614-1129 Buff,
7614-2110 French Blue,
7614-23181 Mermaid,
7614-2438 Navy,
7614-2796 Frost Blue,
7614-4316 Pink Solitaire,
7614-4631 Chinese Red,
7614-5030 Baby Yellow,
7614-6656 OJ,
7614-7921 Lehigh Brown,
7614-8593 Ultra Violet,
7614-8848 Blue Plum,
7614-9017 Black,
7614-93258 Steam
As well as in 300 7330-2438 Navy,
7330-9017 Black,
7330-95450 Nightfall,
In addition to: 7366-9016 Black 100 Micro,
9401-9050 Black PowerStretch,
9501-9016 Black WindPro

We're now located in the Lower Mill in Rollinsford, NH under the ownership of KK Greer.

After running MillYardage for the last 3 years, she is excited to have both businesses back together and under one roof.

While there is no retail storefront to visit, orders placed on line will be shipped ship globally, daily.

Orders can be arranged to be picked up in the mill to avoid shipping charges, please email to make arrangements.

You will see that we are trying to make the transfer as seamless (excuse the pun) as possible with little changes to the website or ordering process.

While you've already heard that Polartec moved their production to Tennessee, we will do our very best to maintain the available inventory you have grown to love.
If you want to be notified of any news, deliveries and updates, please be sure to join our mailing list or like us on Facebook!

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