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Almost 30 years ago, Malden Mills launched the synthetic fleece market with the introduction of Polarfleece® fabrics. Since then, they have made hundreds of refinements and variations continually improving the performance and quality of their thermal fleece fabrics. Their innovation and constant research has also helped them create a host of technical non-fleece fabrics so that today, their line of fabrics is recognized as the most technically advanced in the world.

Whether you walk the malls, ride on two wheels, slide on one board or two skis, dive and sail, climb and scale, need to be warm, need to be dry, need to be cool, or just want to look "cool", we have the fabric you need to keep you comfortable. We will help you choose the right fabric and explain the virtues so that you will perform to the utmost and look great doing it.

Polartec® Family Next - to - Skin Insulation Weather Protection
    Polartec® Power Dry®   Polartec® Classic 100   Polartec® Wind Pro®
    Polartec® Power Wool®   Polartec® Classic 200       Polartec® Windbloc®
    Polartec® Power Stretch®   Polartec® Classic 300   Polartec® Power Shield®
      Polartec® Thermal Pro®   Polartec® Alpha®
The Next-to-Skin fabrics Polartec®, LLC are the experts in moisture management fabrics! Next-to-Skin fabrics are designed to move moisture away from your body keeping you dry and comfortable.

Polartec® Power Dry® - This soft, stretchy fabric isn't just the best technical underwear of the outdoor market it is ideal for shirts and aerobic wear. It outperforms all next-to-skin fabrics on the market because its patented construction has two unique surfaces: the soft inner layer rapidly wicks perspiration away from the body, while the durable outer layer spreads moisture for maximum evaporation. Comes in a variety of weights from featherweight to heavyweight.

Polartec® Power Wool® is a design breakthrough for combining the distinct advantages of natural and synthetic fibers in a bi-component fabric. The industry standard of blending different yarns into a mixed composition reduces the intended benefits and hampers overall fabric performance. By isolating a merino wool interior and a synthetic fiber exterior we developed a hybrid fabric with distinct surface features to optimize wicking, breathability, odor resistance and durability.

Polartec® Power Stretch® - This is the body-hugging fabric that is changing the outerwear market due to its durable flat outer surface and soft napped velour inner surface which makes it ideal for activities that demand freedom of movement, moisture management, and warmth.

Insulation fabrics These fleece fabrics are designed to provide warmth without weight. They are easy to care for, do not pill or shrink and dry quickly. They come in a wide variety of weights, widths, color and finishes.

Polartec® Classic 100 - Lightweight warmth with next-to-skin comfort and perspiration management is the hallmark of the 100 series. These fabrics are ideal as fall and spring pullovers.

Polartec® Classic 200 - This is the fabric that started the fleece revolution and remains Polartec®'s core product. Replacing traditional sweater constructions, this easy care, non-pill, colorfast, midweight fleece provides an all-purpose insulating layer. It is available in a variety of textures, finishes, colors and widths.

Polartec® Classic 300 - The heaviest of their thermal products, these fabrics provide all-purpose insulation and breathability required for cold-weather wear.

Polartec® Thermal Pro® was developed to bring a wider variety of styles and performance functionality to synthetic fleece technologies. By reengineering our construction methods we created an expansive platform of fabric structures with superior benefits over traditional fleece. These unique textures enhance the fabric's overall efficiency and are the defining reason why synthetic fleece will never go out of style as the preferred choice for performance insulation fabrics.

Weather Protection fabrics are designed to give you maximum protection against the elements. Polartec® Wind Pro fabric comes in a variety of weights and styles.

Polartec® Wind Pro® - A revolution in thermal fabrics allows you to forgo the use of a shell in all but the most extreme wet or windy conditions. The tight knit construction of the Polartec® Wind Pro blocks 95% of the wind, yet is highly breathable. This fabric is intended for outerwear garments. Polartec® Wind Pro fabric comes in a variety of weights and styles.

Polartec® Windbloc® - Maximum protection from blustery conditions in a lightweight packable fabric. These fabrics combine the warmth of fleece with a 100% windproof, water-resistant, breathable barrier, eliminating the need for a windbreaker or other additional shell. They are ideal for outdoor activities when cold and inclement weather demand high-perfomance outer protection.

Polartec® Power Shield® was developed to bring greater strength and versatility to the soft shell fabric category. By designing a dense knit multi-component fabric we created a stronger balance between warmth, weather resistance and breathability. This adaptable protection set a new industry standard for performance fabrics that could remain comfortable and excel in calm to inclement weather conditions.

Polartec® Alpha® - was originally developed for the U.S. Special Forces when they required a more advanced insulating material in their combat uniforms. This fabric is a new technology with active insulation that regulates core body temperatures during both dynamic and static activities. This latest advancement in adaptable breathability helps eliminate the need of shedding or adding layers while on the move.

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