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Polartec® Family Next - to - Skin Insulation Weather Protection
   · Polartec® Power Dry®  · Polartec® Classic 100  · Polartec® Wind Pro®
   · Polartec® Power Wool®  · Polartec® Classic 200      · Polartec® Windbloc®
   · Polartec® Power Stretch®  · Polartec® Classic 300  · Polartec® Power Shield®
     · Polartec® Thermal Pro®  · Polartec® Alpha®
Polartec® Power Shield®-was developed to bring greater strength and versatility to the soft shell fabric category. By designing a dense knit multi-component fabric we created a stronger balance between warmth, weather resistance and breathability. This adaptable protection set a new industry standard for performance fabrics that could remain comfortable and excel in calm to inclement weather conditions.

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