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Glossary of Terms

The following terms are used to describe features of the fabrics. Here is a brief description of what they mean:
  69" wide The extra width is good for tucking in a twin size blanket or for squeezing a few extra items out of your yardage!
  ACT - Air Control Tech A 98% windproof barrier allow some air passage for greater comfort during aerobic activity.
  Box-Stitch Stitch pattern on face of fabric.
  Chamois A low pile finish similar to chamois cloth.
  Check Texture A small check texture etched into the surface of the pile.
  Chunky A thick chunky checked texture in a shearling face.
  Cobble Cloth A Casual pitted texture on the face of the fabric.
  Comfort Stretch Extra stretch polyester yarns give this fabric increased stretch and resiliency.
  Contrast Heather A heathered look on the front with a complementary solid on the back.
  Contrast Tweed A tweed texture on the face of the fabric with a contrasting color on the back.
  Corded A texture similar to a wide cord.
  Corded Tweed Elegant combination of tweed fabric in a corded texture.
  Crepe Texture Unique etched texture in the face of the fabric.
  Curly Long, silky, curly loft gives this fabric incredible texture and softness.
  Double Pique Stitch pattern on face of fabric.
  Double Velour Velour is the finish of the fabric - a pill resistant, matte resistant finish. Double Velour means that the velour finish is on both sides of the fabric.
  DWR A Durable Water Repellent is added to the outside of the fabric for extra protection against rain and snow.
  Grid A Grid texture etched into the fabric.
  Heather A slight variation in color throughout the fabric.
  Hi Loft Ultimate thermal layer for warmth without weight.
  LaCoste Stitch Stitch pattern on the face of fabric.
  Lightweight Weight relative to other similar performing fabrics.
  Low-pile Face The closely sheared dense face of this fabric helps it keep its smooth finish.
  Lux Special yarns give fabric extra softness and durability.
  Micro Shearling Made with a micro thin yarn that results in a soft supple hand, this fabric has the pebbled look of a shearling.
  Micro/Mesh This Polartec Windbloc fabric has a soft micro velour face and a lightweight mesh back.
  Microvelour This fabric knit with micro yarns has a velour finish on the front and a chamois type finish on the back.
  Nailhead Slight texture on face of fabric.
  Overdye A process of coloring that gives the fabric a slightly heathered look.
  Pile Furry, hi lofted finish.
  Pointelle Stitch pattern on the face of the fabric.
  Polartec® Aqua Shell® Highly water-resistant fabrics good for use in water sports.
  Polartec® Classic 100 This lightweight fabric is knit with a Micro yarn and is incredibly soft and supple.
  Polartec® Classic Micro The fabric is knit with an ultra thin yarn - so thin that 27 miles of it would weigh less than a teaspoon of water! The thin yarn makes it ultra-soft and drapeable.
  Polartec® Hardface® A hard durable finish on the face of this fabric makes it ideal for garments that take a beating!
  Polartec® Power Dry® T-shirt weight fabric that actively wicks moisture away from the body.
  Polartec® Power Shield® Polartec Power Shield fabrics have an extremely abrasion resistant face for long-lasting durability, blocks 98% of the wind, has four-way stretch for ease of movement. 56% Nylon, 24% Poly, 20% Spandex.
  Polartec® Power Stretch® These fabrics have four-way stretch for ease of movement on tighter fitting garments. These fabrics are treated to wick moisture away from your body, keeping you more comfortable.
  Polartec® Wind Pro® Proprietary yarns and a special knitting technique has created this fleece that blocks 95% of the wind. Has a unique sueded velour fleece for extra durability.
  Recycled This fabric is made from a yarn that is composed of 89% post consumer soda pop bottles.
  Reflective Technology Tiny glass spheres within the fabric reflect the light in all directions.
  Rib/Shearling Cord-like ribbed texture on the face, shearling texture on the inside.
  Shearling A bumpy texture similar to lambs wool.
  Silkweight Silk like weight and hand.
  Single Pique Stitch pattern on the face of the fabric.
  Single Velour Velour is the finish of the fabric - a pill resistant, matte resistant finish. Single Velour means that the velour finish is only on one side of the fabric.
  Stable Knit The flat construction of this knit fabric gives it very little stretch.
  Style 7574 Heather, Velour/Shearling, DWR
  Sweater Look Stitch pattern on the face of the fabric resembles a typical knit sweater. Velour back.
  Thermal Skin This thin, fleece-backed fabric has a smooth polyurethane face giving you the feeling that you are wearing a second Thermal, Skin.
  Thermal Stitch Stitch pattern on the face of the fabric.
  Tweed A textured surface with a low-pile tweed look.
  Vel/Fleece A smooth pill-resistant finish on the face only. Intended as a lining fabric.
  Velour A smooth pill-resistant finish.
  Velour/Shearling A smooth velour finish on the outside, a shearling finish on the inside.
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